Shooting Sports

If you enjoy shooting, we are confident you will find quite some happiness at Soto Real, whether you’re looking for world-class wing shooting (during the season), simulated game drives or just some entertaining clay shooting.

Spain has always had a peculiar attraction for hunters. It of course has two very unique ways of hunting, namely the “Ojeo” driven partridge shoot and the “Monteria” driven big game hunts. In contrast with the more northern hunting areas, Sevilla boasts a reputation of mild temperatures and ever sunny skies the whole hunting season long.

From early October until the end of March, the Soto Real team organizes driven partridge shooting on its estate. Red-legged partridges are amongst the most challenging birds in Europe and our driven partridge shoot is one of Spain’s finest.

From July till the end of September, quail and rabbits walk up shooting is organized on the estate for groups of 2 to 6 guns with 2 beaters accompanied by their pointers.

The Soto Real team also organizes big game stalking and “monterias” on some of the most reputable hunting estates in Andalusia.

For more information, please visit our specially dedicated Shooting Partridge website.